Rights and Privileges

Rights and Privileges of Active Members - Active membership in the Institute entitles members to the rights and privileges herein below specified:

a. To attend all general and special meetings, and to actively participate in the deliberations and proceedings of the Institute, except in the case of Honorary and Institutional Members, who may attend such meetings, with the understanding that they may join in the discussions at their option;

b. With the exception of the Honorary, Institutional, Associate and Student Members, to vote in accordance with the By-Laws, provided that in the case of Student Members, their right to vote shall apply only to the election of officers and official proceedings of their respective student chapters;

c. To receive any and all publications of the proceedings of the Institute and such other pertinent papers as may from time to time be published by the Institute; and

d. All of the above mentioned rights and privileges automatically cease upon the member's separation from the Institute, whether temporary or permanent and whether voluntary or otherwise and the same shall not be resumed or availed of again until the member concerned has been readmitted to the Institute.

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